PGP replacement for shopping cart software?

Samuel Liddicott sam at
Fri Sep 4 23:11:19 CEST 1998

I've been put onto GPG by someone on the SSLEAY mailing list.

It does seem as if you guys are carrying on where Phil Zimmerman left off
(all credit to him).

I know a LOT of people running minivend (online shopping software) who are
starving for some kind of PGP with which credit card info can be encrypted
before being emailed.

PGP only sell commercial licenses in blocks of 10 or more :-(, so...

GPG.  I have 0.3.4 compiled and working on UNIX, but I need to be able to
decrypt the emails on a windows PC.

I can't generate the keys on the PC for obvious reasons, but neither can I
get it to import the keyrings exported under UNIX.  (gpg --import failes
badly for the public keyring, and is silent-but-no-effect for the secret
keyring, exported using the --export and --export-secret-keys)

Will PGP5 for windows be able to decrypt GPG messages?  And how do I get my
secret key off the unix machine where it was generated into either PGP5 for
windows ($30 version) or into the lowley GPG for windows?

The answer will help a LOT of people.



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