gpg 0.3.4, RSA, pgp5 interoperability

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Sep 7 13:59:53 CEST 1998

Andrew Daviel <andrew at> writes:

> I just installed gnupg-0.3.4 on Linux 2.0.30
> (oh yes, I get " using insecure memory" but have HAVE_MLOCK=1; if I make 
> gpg suid root I can't run it  - Operation not permitted)

Really; I have to check it.

> If I export (with pgp5) my DSS key, I can import it into gpg and
> then verify a signature made with it. But if I export my RSA key
> and try to import that, I get "no valid user ids;  .. missing
> self-signature" and can't add it. I also can't add other RSA keys, such as
> the CERT public key

Did you use "--load-extension rsa"?  If not you should see a keyid
00000000 which indicates this.

RSA is not a part of GNUPG due to legal reasons; but if you are
allowed to use it you can get an extension module from the ftp site.

> If I can't add public keys like CERT, SGI security, RedHat etc.
> it's a bit hopeless trying to use gpg ....

But RSA is patented and if you are in the U.S. you can't use it anyway


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