PGP replacement for shopping cart software?

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Sep 7 14:33:59 CEST 1998

Samuel Liddicott <sam at> writes:

> GPG.  I have 0.3.4 compiled and working on UNIX, but I need to be able to
> decrypt the emails on a windows PC.

Please contact me if you need an up-to-date windows version - It is
possible but I won't do this on a voluntary basis.

> Will PGP5 for windows be able to decrypt GPG messages?  And how do I get my

I think so.

> secret key off the unix machine where it was generated into either PGP5 for
> windows ($30 version) or into the lowley GPG for windows?

I don't know whether I understand it correct.  The problem is the
passphrase - I have not yet figured out what is wrong on my salted and
iterated S2K implementaion which is what pgp5 uses to protect secret
keys.  The workaround is easy: remove the passphrase, export, import,
and set the passphrase again (on BOTH copies).  But be sure that you
have the full control over both machines and noone can steal your
unprotected secret key during this process.


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