Porting GNUPG

Dave Smith dave at raystewart.com
Sun Sep 13 19:31:34 CEST 1998


I apologize if this email comes out wrapped funny. My mail client doesn't
seem to co-operate today. :)

I spent this afternoon toying around with the MINGW32 porting kit and trying
to the GNUPG to compile under it. It was..interesting. I realize that there
isn't a RNG under the Windows client, so it would seem kind of foolish to
bother porting GNUPG at all. However, I'm really only interested in using
the program for decryption and encryption. Do I understand correctly that
GNUPG does *not* use a RNG for those purposes??! More specifically, what
operations does GNUPG use the RNG for?

On a side note, assuming that all the code was capable of compiling for a
Windows install, how would I start it using MINGW32? I managed to get it to
work (kinda sorta) with the following command prompt:

./configure i386--mingw32

There didn't seem to be any clean instruction on how to jump start the
configure with MING.

I would prefer to use GNUPG on a Linux/GNU box, but my customers are all
based on the lovely Windows system. The big thing is getting the data I
generate for them to them securely. If all else fails, I could go with a
symmetric cipher (such as Blowfish) but I would prefer to use asymmetric
since it will allow me to ensure (relatively) that my competing customers
don't get the data mixed up. :)

If the only thing that's holding back the port of GNUPG to a Windows box is
the need for a RNG, I would be glad to start working on one...

Thanks. :)


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