GPG 0.3.5 on FreeBSD 2.2.7-stable fails

Ron Echeverri rone at
Tue Sep 15 10:58:19 CEST 1998

Werner Koch writes:
  Ron Echeverri <rone at> writes:
  > I can't find SHM_LOCK anywhere...  am i missing something?
  According to Steven's "Advanced programming in the Unix Environment"
  this is a valid option - did I miss a header file?
On nearby SunOS 5.5 and IRIX 5.3 boxes, /usr/include/sys/shm.h contains

#define SHM_LOCK	3	/* Lock segment in core */
#define SHM_UNLOCK	4	/* Unlock segment */

I can't find it in any header files in FreeBSD, though....

Hmmm, in /usr/src/sys/i386/linux/linux.h:

#define LINUX_SHM_LOCK		11

This looks like it's part of the Linux compatibility stuff for
FreeBSD, but apparently not part of the FreeBSD include files

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