Struggling with GPG

Ross Keatinge rossk at
Sat Sep 19 03:52:43 CEST 1998

Further to my previous post ...

I have discovered that I can create a key with v3 packets on Linux (option 5)
and read the keyrings on Windows 0.2.10 but any file I encrypt on Linux is
'unknown cipher' on the Windows version.  I've played with the cipher-algo
switches but without success. I'd be grateful of any answers.

Its a long shot, but my other problem that someone here just might know about is
that I am trying to run GPG 0.4.0 on Linux from PHP scripting. PHP has various
commands to shell out and run a command line utility. System() does this,
returns the utlity's output to the web page. I have this going well with PGP but
not with GPG

I can do this no problem:

System("/web04/mypath/gpg/bin/gpg -help")

and see the help on my web page.

But as soon as I get GPG to do anything useful then nothing works. Such as this:

System("/web04/mypath/gpg/bin/gpg --homedir /web04/mypath/.gnupg --list-keys")

I can read the return status of GPG and it is 512 dec. I've been searching
through the GPG source to see if I can find any meaning in that but with no

After fiddling with this for many hours, I'm off for a bike ride on the spring
sunshine :-)


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