dates and their representation

John A. Martin jam at
Wed Sep 23 11:09:03 CEST 1998

>>>>> "Werner" == Werner Koch
>>>>> "Re: dates and their representation"
>>>>>  Wed, 23 Sep 1998 09:09:28 +0200

    Werner> Michael Sobolev <mss at> writes:
    >> result, the key creation time should always be displayed using
    >> gmtime (3) function, while all other times -- using localtime
    >> (3) or gmtime (3) according

    Werner> Okay, that's what I'm going to do.  Is an option
    Werner> "--gmtime" okay to override the use of localtime and do we
    Werner> really need such an option?

    Werner> What about

    Werner>   $ TZ=UTC gpg .....

    Werner> I think this is the POSIX way.

Is there a privacy issue with storing local time at all?  Maybe even
as an option it can lead to unwanted disclosure.


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