(Fwd) Re: Program interface to pgp & gpg

Walter Koch w.koch at phinware.de
Wed Sep 23 17:32:24 CEST 1998


> > I don't think the shared memory interface that Werner mentioned recently 
> > will be a very good solution.  It's very hard to do that portably.  I
> But it is good to pass the passhrase to gnupg and also provides a way
> for other programs to obtain some bytes of secure memory which may be
> used to implemnet a pssphrase widget.  The main reason for this
> interface is to allow a GUI frontend which takes over all the TTX
> input/output.

How about a PGP-camouflage-program?

It uses the same command line parameters as PGP, but calls gnupg with 
its correct parameters and communicates via shared memory.

The output of gpg is converted back to use same keywords as pgp.

  every program already using PGP can use gnupg at once

  is is not easy to convert output back.
  lack of security ( e.g. using PGP's  -z"passphrase")


  Walter Koch
  phinware Beratung und Software GmbH
  w.koch at phinware.de

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