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John A. Martin jam at
Fri Sep 25 12:30:22 CEST 1998

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Kirk Fort gave such a nice informative and gentle answer to the last
Newbie question that I am encouraged to ask several more.

In what ways is gpg inter-operable with pgp2 and pgp5?  In what ways
is it not?

What are the problems, limitations, and utility of placing pgp2 and
pgp5 public keys on a gpg keyring?

Are gpg public keys useful to users of pgp2 and pgp5?

What are the problems and what is the utility of placing pgp2 and pgp5
secret keys on a gpg secret-key ring?

Are gpg secret keys useful on a pgp5 secret-key ring.

How would one share a gpg secret key for a "role account" among users
of gpg, and users of pgp2 or pgp5 (or only with users of pgp2) where
the public key must be useful for signature verification by the same
means that pgp2 and pgp5 signatures are verified.  In other words can
a gpg key be used for authentication of a role contact at  (<hostmaster at> has not been forthcoming in
answer to this question.  The InterNIC only needs to verify signatures
on transaction requests as they do for pgp2 and pgp5 signatures.)


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