correction to my post

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Sep 28 10:59:47 CEST 1998

Kirk Fort <kfort at> writes:

> my mind. When you look at a public key, it lists the "pub" key, and a
> "sub" key with a different key id.  The sub key is usually the dsa key
> used for signatures. I'm sure most of you know this, but I didn't want to

No, the sub key is the ElGamal key (for encryption) and the primary
key is the DSA key.  It is required by OpenPGP that the primary key
can be used for signatures:  This key (the signature created with the
key) is used to a) bind the user ids to the key and b) to bind the sub
keys to the primary key.

> Question, How are these mime detached signatures generated?

Have a look at Mutt (  pgpinvoke.c, pgp.c


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