Lost Newbie

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Wed Sep 30 13:43:17 CEST 1998

Kirk Fort <kfort at kfort.dyn.ml.org> writes:

> encrypt and decrypt with it.  If you really want to I suppose that you
> could leave a password off of the secret key. Usually this is not a good

And the next version will bother you with warning :-)

> > gpg: this is a PGP generated ElGamal key which is NOT secure for signatures!

Strange.  Who has generated this key??  I'd like to see this public
key.  Maybe an ElGamal secondary key was used for signing; this would 
be a bug.

> > gpg: key 812E70CE, uid 2640: invalid self-signature: Unknown pubkey algorithm

RSA used.

> generated your key.  I think what the trouble is that the key isn't self
> signed because you chose an option that can't sign.  Go with the default

Or it is self-signed and not valid (see the above error).

> > gpg: Ooops: Ohhhh jeeee ... (pkclist.c:538:select_algo_from_prefs)

I'll change this message to something like "You found a bug!"

> > secmem usage: 1472/1472 bytes in 3/3 blocks of pool 1472/16384

This is a memory statistic.


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