Where did Trust_ go?

homega at vlc.servicom.es homega at vlc.servicom.es
Tue Apr 6 23:30:06 CEST 1999

Werner Koch dixit:
> Horacio <homega at vlc.servicom.es> writes:
> > sec  2048 0xDDDC215A 1998-07-20 ---------- DSS             Sign & Encrypt
>        ^^^^                                  ^^^
>  2048 bit DSA key - strange.  DSA is only defined for 512 to 1024 bit. 
> Who created this key?
> > sub  8192 0x06E9D714 1998-07-20 ---------- Diffie-Hellman
>        ^^^^
> IMHO this far away from any reality.

Do you mean it's worthless?  Well, I saw a few like this around ... it was
created with some C-KT package (not sure ... I think it's a hack of PGP);
they claimed much larger keys could be generated (I once tried, but it took
far too long).  There was also another program ... pgp2.6a or so, which had
similar claims.  I recall the person's name is Peter Wilson ...

I thought the reason behind not creating longer keys was that they not only
take long in being generated, but they too take long on
encryption/decryption processes.  But they could be generated.



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