commandline syntax

Richard Lynch lynch at
Wed Apr 7 13:45:58 CEST 1999

At 3:13 PM 4/7/99, Werner Koch wrote:
>someone raised the question, whether to change the commandline syntax,
>so that it is more like tar(1) or ps(1).  I have no POSIX specs so I
>can't decide whether this is a good idea. Recent versions of ps(1) etc
>give you a warning, that the use of - is depreciated.


Unix ignoramus here:

I'll be damned if I could ever figure out why the hell ps was bitching at
me for doing things the way that has worked since 1960 something...

I don't see any benefit to losing the dashes.  Only grief in terms of
backwards and forwards compatibility, and more hassle for scripts that want
to just spit the file at gpg directly.

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