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* Werner Koch <wk at>  on Wed, 07 Apr 1999
| someone raised the question, whether to change the commandline syntax,
| so that it is more like tar(1) or ps(1).  I have no POSIX specs so I
| can't decide whether this is a good idea. Recent versions of ps(1) etc
| give you a warning, that the use of - is depreciated.

'Recent versions' of ps are replaced with versions that do not bitch about
long-standing defacto standards.  Bad enough that BSD and System V have
utterly different syntax, I don't need my tools being stupid on me like

In other words, if you are going to accept POSIXly correct command line
syntax, make it in addition to the defacto standard and make it silent,
like GNU tar.  And deprecate the non-POSIX style in the documentation.
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