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Tue Apr 27 21:45:17 CEST 1999

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I searched the FAQs etc for this question and received no answer but
apologies if it has already been answered elsewhere.

I use mutt to do my mail. When I sign my messages by simply passing the
text through gpg and not messing with any mime type things, everything
works great. However, when I try to use mutt's automated PGP/MIME type
autosign features it seems to all work well, but when I check the other
end it has made a bad signature. For quite a while I accepted this and
simply used a macro to feed the text to gpg. But then I noticed that if
I didn't include my .sig, it worked. Eventually I narrowed it down to the
two dashes.

I guess this is because mutt takes the output of gpg, which has
dash-escaped the dashes, and combines it with the original text, not
dash-escaped. Is this correct? If this is the case, would it work to
have an option to treat the incoming text as verbatim and not
dash-escape anything (unlike not-dash-escape which munges newlines
instead, creating the same prob)? How would this work with other PGP
programs (pgp5 also considered it a bad sig and signing with pgp5
instead of gpg didn't help, so its not a gpg only prob). Is there any
workaround besides simply not including two dashes at the beginning of a

Thanks for your time.

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