genkey1024 test failing on Solaris

Michael Roth mroth at
Thu Aug 5 11:53:08 CEST 1999


On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Dale Harris wrote:

> How do I find out how a particular test failed.  genkey1024 is failing 
> consistently on Solaris 2.6, with gpg 0.9.10.  

Their isn't a direct way to get the output. However, you can tweak the
test script to print the output:

1.) Go to the directory `checks'.

2.) In `genkey1024.test' edit the line 16 and remove the ">/dev/null" part
    of the expect command.

3.) Run the test by hand: If you have a bash (I don't know if this in sh
    works), type: "srcdir=. ./genkey1024.test" and enjoy the output.


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