Solaris /dev/random

Michael Roth mroth at
Sun Aug 8 13:30:36 CEST 1999

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, E. Larry Lidz wrote:

> I've done the following patch which seems to get GPG to find and accept
> the /dev/random, but I've got doubts about whether it's sufficient 
> cryptographically to make it safe to run GPG under Solaris as I don't
> really know too much about the cryptographic elements of the code.

Hmm. I don't know anything about /dev/random on Solaris. However, you can
use a small tool to test the random number generator. Check out
"". Copy some data from /dev/random in a
file (about 50KB) using `dd' and then run the test on that file. Please
post the result on this list.


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