How is the encryption hash derived for 256 bit twofish?

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And the answer on your question is in of rfc2400

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Subject: How is the encryption hash derived for 256 bit twofish?
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This question concerns conventional encryption only.  I assume session keys
for public key encryption are derived from system entropy.

I have been studying the source for a week or two to figure this out without
bothering anyone.  But I give up.

How is the 256 bit hash for twofish created from a passphrase when the
largest hash output in GPG is 192 bits, using "tiger"?  Making things even
more confusing is that tiger is not used by default, dropping the hash size
to 160 bits.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.:  If any of you see this message twice, I apologize.  I didn't see a
copy of it sent to me when I sent it the first time.

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