Problems compiling for Win32

RavenZ ravenz at
Wed Feb 3 14:18:37 CET 1999


I used the Cygwin Beta 20 to build it.
The "sh ./configure --host=windowsnt" produced a few errors.
Here're the last few lines that the script produced:
 checking for sys/ipc.h... no
 checking for sys/shm.h... no
 checking for random device... no
 checking for mpi assembler functions... done
 checking for zlib.h... yes
 updating cache ./config.cache
 creating ./config.status
 ./configure: /bin/sh: not found

After that I renamed to makefile and ran make which produced
the following errors ("$ make" is the commandline)
 $ make
 makefile:162: *** missing separator.  Stop.
 $ make
 make: *** No rule to make target `@top_srcdir@/', needed by
 @/'.  Stop.

Any ideas ??

I remember that some part of GnuPG wasn't working on Win32 machines.
It's something about a RNG. Can anyone tell me what functions/files/...
I haveto change to give it a better support ?

Dennis Voss

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