GnuPG-0.9.2 and proxy servers

Steven Bakker steven at
Thu Feb 11 15:45:43 CET 1999

Hi folks,

I recently fiddled with the public key lookup mechanism for gpg, and hit a
nasty shortcoming: gpg was not able to get through a proxy firewall.  It
tries to contact the keyserver directly, and since it does not use port 80,
the firewall has a hard time determining how to proxy this transparently,
i.e. it will block the connection.

To make life easier for us proxied peasants, I added some code to allow
gpg to go through a proxy.  No rocket science, but quite convenient and it
seems to work.

If anyone's interested (Werner?) I can post the patches.  They're not very 
big, 391 lines of diff-source spread over 5 files (g10.c, hkp.c, http.c, 
http.h, options.h options.skel), not counting some modifications to the 
pod manual source to make it print nicer on PostScript and for which the 
diff is larger than the actual file.

Anyway, let me know.


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