Many Problems Building GnuPG

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Feb 12 12:41:25 CET 1999

Jim Seymour <jseymour at> writes:

> After multiple tries, I finally got the package to compile with
> the following options and by adding a hack:
>     LDFLAGS="-lsocket -lnsl" ./configure --with-included-gettext \
>     --disable-dev-random

I know about -lsocket and -lnsl.  The other problems are
in rndunix.c which is quite different from the other source files and
will be replaced by a client for the Entropy Gatherer Daemon (EGD)

> During whatever's happening after that point, CPU usage goes to
> 100%, load starts climbing (up to 16 before I kill the thing),

The EGD will help.

> As regards the bus error in tiger_init(): excuse my ignorance,

Hmmm it works right even on the alpha but I check it again there.

> but I noticed several of these in tiger.c.  How can a function
> be defined to take an argument, as in "TIGER_CONTEXT *hd" yet
> none of the calls to these routines pass them anything???  I've

It gets called by a fucntion pointer from md.c

> is set up to handle the Sun commercial development system.  And
> I'm hampered by being quite "configure-clueless" :-(.

I did some fixes for these environment (include/types.h if I remember
correct) but there might be a problem with make.  I have not yet figured
out what's the reason as automake should generate standard makefiles.
Maybe this gets fix with automake 1.4 which I installed yesterday.


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