GnuPG and RSA/IDEA extensions

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Mon Feb 15 21:21:58 CET 1999

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I recently started using GnuPG.  I hope, eventually, to write either
(1) a front end that will autosense which decryption program (GnuPG,
PGP 5.x, or PGP 2.6.x) to use for a given message, or else (2) an RSA
extension for GnuPG using RSAREF (I currently live in the US), so that
I can use RSA keys in GnuPG when necessary.

(Note to freeware enthusiasts:  I'm very much in favour of the idea
of phasing out encumbered algorithms; my fascination with RSA and IDEA
is motivated strictly out of concerns for backward compatibility with
correspondents who are stuck with -- or sticking to -- PGP 2.6.x.)

Strictly as an experiment (!), I got the RSA and IDEA extensions and
set up GnuPG to load them.  And, I'm happy to say, they do work.  But
whenever I decrypt material using an RSA key, I get the following
diagnostic message:

	gpg: NOTE: cipher algorithm 1 not found in preferences

Is there anything I can do to get rid of this diagnostic?

Second, when I do "gpg --edit-key" on one of my RSA keys, and then give
the "pref" (list preferences) command, no preference info is shown.  Is
there anything I can (or should bother to) do about this?

Third, for what it may be worth, the list of "supported algorithms" I
get with "gpg -h" does not include RSA or IDEA.  Is this simply normal,
given that the RSA and IDEA code is being loaded from extensions rather
than being built in?

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