PGP and GnuPG compatibility issue

dwpalmer at dwpalmer at
Tue Feb 16 16:59:07 CET 1999

Do you have a patch available?  What would help for tracking down the
problem and getting a solution?


> dwpalmer at writes:
> > I've tried MD5, SHA1, and RIPEMD160 with 3DES.  All fail in the same
> > way, but almost works.  The file that PGP creates has everything but
> > the first few lines of the original file before complaining, "The
> > keyring contains a bad (corrupted) PGP packet."  Note that everything
> > works fine when using much smaller files.
> I notced that there is a bug in the GnuPG buffering code which leads
> to some extra bytes - I have to check this.  AFAIK this only happens
> with large file but the ususal buffer size is 8k ...
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