FAQ and pgp 6+ test

Philippe Laliberte arsphl at oeil.qc.ca
Wed Feb 17 21:17:18 CET 1999


	I'm new to the list so please excuse me if those are already
answered. I looked up the archive and didn't saw an answer to the

1- When I read in the documentation that GnuPG is compatible with PGP5+
keys, am I correct in understanding that it includes PGP 6 products?

2- Has GnuPG been put thru a methodic safety test? If so is there a paper
on the subject?

3- I looked up to see if anyone had had the time to do FAQ for GnuPG
and it doesn't seems so. So I did setup a user maintained Automatic
FAQ for it. It is situated at http://www.oeil.qc.ca/auto_faq/gnupg/
. I didn't put anything yet in it because I'm too new to the project,
but be my guests an put questions you're tired to answer there.

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