c-nocem and gpg (Re: default keyring)

Marco d'Itri md at linux.it
Thu Feb 25 12:14:17 CET 1999

On Feb 24, Matthias Urlichs <smurf at noris.de> wrote:

 >Marco d'Itri:
 >> How can I select the keyring where newly imported keys will go?
 >Tell it to not have a defauolt keyring and that's all that will happen.
This option is not documented AFAICS.
And it should disable the secret keyring as well:

$LANG= gpgm --no-default-keyring
gpgm: key E1EE3FB1: secret key without public key - skipped

 >> BTW, I'm porting c-nocem to gnupg.
Done. If anyone cares about it, just ask.

I don't think you need to patch innd, you could use the same socket
ctlinnd uses. Today I wrote a News::INN::ICC perl module implementing
inndcomm.c, anyone wants it? It should work with cleanfeed as well.
Tomorrow I'll try signing NoCeM notices with GNUPG...


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