0.9.0: DSA/ElGamal keysizes

ralf.stephan at fitug.de ralf.stephan at fitug.de
Fri Jan 8 12:55:30 CET 1999

On another thing that's unclear to me: why can't I generate, for example, a
default DSA+ElGamal key with a key size of, say, 1554 bit --- apart from
being asked if I really need such a large keysize, --- if that's just yet
another number? What does "rounded up to 1568 bits" mean?

Forgive me, I'm just a beginner with crypography and I'm just now starting
to peruse the source but I'll be quite content when I'll have been given a
reference to chew on.

Thanks for your work,
yCSX;&^)/%jVKwG`W80zurs*"Eutm)LdL =g#yq0~YcJQ+)'A6"4*s<)62z%8GfeD%JE~<U

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