Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Sun Jan 10 05:07:18 CET 1999

0.9.1: I get some occasional segfaults during 'make check' unless I use
--with-included-zlib. It's strange, I have zlib-1.1.2 on one machine, and
zlib-1.1.3 on another, and both of them fail on occasion (maybe half of the
time) when built with just ./configure, but both pass tests solidly several
times in a row when built with --with-included-zlib.

mailcrypt-gpg: there's a one-character patch in mc-gpg.el needed to handle the
extra keyid emitted in the NEED_PASSPHRASE status message. I'll be fixing some
other stuff and will put a new patch up on my web site
<http://www.lothar.com/tech/crypto/> soon, but in case anyone suddenly finds
decryption failing (symptom: mailcrypt asks you for a "password for
conventional encryption" all the time), try removing the "$" from line 526 of
mc-gpg.el that says

    (if (re-search-forward "NEED_PASSPHRASE \\(\\S +\\)$" nil t)


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