How to import (RSA) secret keys?

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"MB" == Matthias Bauer <bauer at> writes:

MB> gives no error and says that the version was 3.
MB> Obviously I missed something, but what?

RSA keys were deprecated in PGP 5.0 due to patent restrictions.  Freeware
PGP 6.0 and up does not grok RSA keys at all for this reason; likewise GPG
does not grok RSA keys.  You should seriously consider creating a new DH
key.  Patent issues aside, there are some good reasons to do so, notably a
better hash algorithm (SHA-1) and smaller digital signatures regardless of
key size.

There is an RSA module (rsa.c) in the GPG FTP area somewhere that you can
build yourself; however, it cannot be used legally in the US due to
aforementioned patent restrictions.  Once installed, add the following line
to your GPG options file:

	load-extension rsa

That will automatically load the rsa module every time you use GPG.  You
can do the same thing with the IDEA module (idea.c).

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