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Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jan 12 13:37:53 CET 1999

John Fernandes <ronnyf at> writes:

> I just wanted to know if there is a Win NT, etc port of gpg? I personally
> prefer Linux but I know people who will use only windows s/w. 

Some annonations regarding GnuPG and Windows, NT (1999-01-05)

1. It should be clickable and colored:

  The GNOME project as such a frontend for GnuPG but it is a pitty 
  that development has stopped.  GnuPG has some special options to
  support such frontends.  

  Because GTK is also available for Windows, it should be easy
  to port this frontend to Windows (The GIMP runs udner Windoze)

2. It should run under Windows :

  I have only to compile it and write a Windoze entropy gathering 
  module.  What I do to compile it on Unix is:

  $ ./configure --target=i386--mingw32
  $ make
  $ cp g10/gpg  somewhere/gpg.exe

  But there is still no such gathering module.  I'll better spend
  my spare time to support good software.	

3. Libraries:

  Version 1.0 will have no library but I am working on a GNU crypto
  library.  GnuPG has some special features to act like a sub program
  of another program.

4. GPL:

  GnuPG is part of the GNU project und licensed under the GPL.
  Please keep this in mind.  I can only apply patches if the FSF has
  received a signed disclaimer - bug reports and patches to show a
  problem are very welcome.  To read mor about this enter 
  "info standards" on Linux.

Sorry, for the canned reply.


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