0.9.1: v3 key 'expiration date'

ralf.stephan at fitug.de ralf.stephan at fitug.de
Wed Jan 13 17:20:27 CET 1999

This just happened:
1. generate a key, set expiration date
2. <do other things, deleting etc.>
3. edit a v3 secret key, try to set expiration date
- output: "You can't change...
4. save
5. key has expiration date from 1. and gpg reports that pubkey
   and seckey differ.

Now my limited understanding of g10/keyedit.c:menu_expire()
prevents me from submitting a patch right away but I'll take
an easy shot and guess that in the for loop the exp.date is
set before v3 detection.  But hey...

Hope this is reproducible,
Eventually, in the life of every human there comes the time 
when e has to sort the bookmark file.

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