RSA replacement by Irish girl

Nathan Kennedy blaaf at
Fri Jan 15 07:27:41 CET 1999

Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> Hi,
> Ron Echeverri:
> > How soon till we see this in GPG?  :-)

Probably a LONG time, or never.
A.  We don't know if anyone competent has even seen it yet.
B.  It may end up getting patented, if she listens to the "judges"'
urgings, although it seems that she wants it to be PD.
C.  It'll have to go through LOTS of peer review and the test of time
before it's decided that it's a suitable replacement.
D.  There is no pressing reason to replace Elgamal and DSA.

> Is there an URL for her idea, or (better :-) her code?

Look at Slashdot and the links therein.  No, you won't find the code, OR
the algorithm.  Just that it's based on "matrices" (how quaint, it must be
secure).  Maybe I'm cynical... It *would* be cool if it ended up being "all
that" and it was released to the public domain.  It's just that the press
really likes to make headlines...  (The 12-year-old kid who "solved the
year 2000 problem" what have you).  And we all know how savvy the press is
about technical issues...

> NB: speaking of GPG additions, has somebody written IDEA and/or RSA modules
> for it? (Yes I do know it's heretical and all, but I really do want to use
> GPG to verify Netnews cancel messages, and they're sent with oldstyle PGP
> signatures...)

I think, yes.  But I can't tell you about them because I don't use them.  I
believe you can download modules from the main repository...


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