RSA replacement by Irish girl

brian j. pardy posterkid at
Fri Jan 15 13:58:59 CET 1999

On Fri, 15 Jan 1999, Werner Koch wrote:

> Matthias Urlichs <smurf at> writes:
> > for it? (Yes I do know it's heretical and all, but I really do want to use
> > GPG to verify Netnews cancel messages, and they're sent with oldstyle PGP
> > signatures...)
> It simply works.  What does not work is generated of plain pgp 2.6
> signature because pgp does not know about onepass signature packets.
> However, you can create detached and cleartext signatures.

Okay, this is what I was wondering about.  I'll simply use detached 
signatures when necessary.  Everything else is indeed working 

<> for DSA/ElG-E/RSA keys
DSA 0x0A641AA5:0B1E 37B7 ECCB FC96 B6C6  7242 0A59 F8D5 EFA9 4F81
RSA 0x4E65C321: 42 57 B3 D2 39 8E 74 C3  5E 4D AC 43 25 D2 26 D4

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