Automake version?

ralf.stephan at ralf.stephan at
Sun Jan 17 10:11:05 CET 1999

> aclocal: 0: macro `AM_PATH_PROG_WITH_TEST' not found in library
> aclocal: 0: macro `AM_LC_MESSAGES' not found in library

Got this too when I first patched my 0.9.0-->0.9.1 and then trying
to 'make'.  Downloaded the full 0.9.1: works.  Diffing both trees
revealed only po/* differences, though (um, shouldn't the patches
produce the *same* as the full 0.9.1?).  To add to the puzzle, after
compiling full 0.9.1, I wasn't able anymore to reproduce the
aclocal behaviour with the patched sources.  Still investigating...

The simplest, and most flexible, mechanism for exception handling is
to call a function.                     (the eCos(TM) Reference Manual)

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