Werner Koch wk at
Mon Jan 18 17:00:19 CET 1999

Roger Burton West <roger at> writes:

> Indeed, is GPG sufficiently compliant to be acceptable to PGP-5
> key-servers yet?

Yes the only problem are some old encryption keys which use the
(legal) algorithm identifier 20 for subkeys which are capable of
encryption and signing.  The HKP does not yet know about it, nor does
pgp 5, 6.  The keys are actually only different in their indentifiers
and the other implementations should at least be able to use them
as encryption keys.  Fixing that is trivial.  

I don't know from where to get the current version of the keyservers;
I only found 0.9.2  but the servers tell you 0.9.3-something.


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