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Thomas Roessler roessler at
Wed Jan 20 20:47:29 CET 1999

On 1999-01-20 18:06:54 +0100, Werner Koch wrote:

> And Mutt has also problems with big keyrings and pgp; we should
> find another solution.  I don't think that loading the complete
> keyring (okay, only the user ids some some info) into the memory is
> a good idea becuase this way it is not possible to have a central
> keyring somewhere.

You are rather obviously right about this.  

An easy way to fix this problem would be to pass some "hints" to
gpgm and the PGP public key ring parser, respectively.

For an address, these hints would consist of the mailbox part of the
address, and of the individual words of the personal name.  For a
random string, we'd take individual words, once again.

Werner, could you implement a command line interface which permits
for such "hints" with gpgm?

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