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Roger Williams roger at
Fri Jan 29 00:21:38 CET 1999

>>>>> John A Martin <jam at> writes:

  > IMHO all pgp documentation should be accessible with the very
  > minimum facilities. 

I agree.  For me, that means Emacs info, but I suppose that *could* be 
considered optional... ;-)

Despite my defence of PDF, I usually find HTML to be the most
convenient format for browsing hyperlinked *text* documentation, for
which I use Lynx, Netscrape, or W3, depending on bandwidth.  It's
certainly a widely-supported, platform-independent format.

OTOH, HTML is a pain to distribute (gzipped tar file), and takes a lot
of space after it's installed.  (And for our own technical docs, we
need something that can display vector drawings, like PS or PDF.)

I suspect that 'very minimum' means man pages for *nix, text files
(no screen codes) for any other OS.

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