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Richard Lynch lynch at
Thu Jan 28 20:04:39 CET 1999

At 6:21 PM 1/28/99, Matthew M. Copeland wrote:
>> Even better, for non-hackers
>> who can't figure out CSV, perhaps a feature like "Add Note".
>> Any web surfer can add a note to ask about a piece of the docs they don't
>> understand, and more knowledgable surfers add notes explaining in more
>> detail, or examples, or point out weird cases that need to be documented.
>> The PHP documentation team regularly goes through and incorporates,
>> discards, reworks, etc the manual based on the online notes.  The good
>> thing is, the notes are visible in the meantime, and they are generally
>> placed by users in the appropriate section of the manual, so the editing
>> nightmare of keeping suggestions organized is much easier.

>As for having a web-enabled
>comment system might be interesting, do you have code for this?  It won't
>be applicable really until we get a basic document together, but at some
>point later it will be.  (Say around the time when we start asking people
>outside the group for comments.)

Source code in PHP is available at

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