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Michael Roth mroth at
Fri Jan 29 03:26:27 CET 1999

On 28 Jan 1999, Russ Allbery wrote:

> I believe sgmltools will generate LaTeX.  pdflatex will generate PDF
> directly from LaTeX without needing to go through PostScript and the pain
> of a distiller.  It's still in beta, but it comes with teTeX and I've used
> it and been fairly impressed.

Oh. This sounds great! It looks like to me, that the SGML stuff will
become better every day. Free software is so amazing... I should check out
the new sgmtools... ;-)


P.S.:	However, I should focus on the work for the future fifo/buffer
	implementation for the next major gnupg version and not playing
	arround with new tools... ;-)

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