Manual Writing Format & Gathering of previous documents.

Matthew M. Copeland dyelar at
Fri Jan 29 14:55:33 CET 1999

Since those people who have begun previous versions of a manual have all
been using sgml, the majority on the list seem to find sgml to be the best
option for usage, and sgml is the current standard for such documents, I
would say that the decision has been made and that sgml is tool that will
be used.  Let's get some real work done now and not kill this thread.

Stefan, you have mentioned that you have started writing a manual, but
that it is on hold.  Can you give me an outline of what you currently have
done?  Are you willing to distribute the document to those interested in
working on it, while you are taking care of exams?

If anyone else has already started a manual, toss it on the table, let's
see what you have got.


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