rsa incorporation in gnupg

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Fri Jul 2 09:56:13 CEST 1999

> "Janusz A. Urbanowicz" <alex at> writes:
> > ones could be : keyserver, charset, load-extension. Others should be local,
> > per-user only settable.
> Well I think even charset should not be a global option.  On a multi
> user machine (but you won't use gpg anyway on such a machine) there
> might be users from all around the world and only one characterset
> might not be enough then.  I don't know whether different character
> sets are at all possible but this might chnage in the future.

Hmm, are these options (keyserver etc.) also settable in the user section?
Like an overide, then the charset option would be overridable by a user
not from the same country the machine is in.

Btw. why would you think a multiuser machine will not have gpg running.
Somethink to do with 'I don't know who root is, can I trust him?' like

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