rsa incorporation in gnupg

Janusz A. Urbanowicz alex at
Fri Jul 2 22:58:11 CEST 1999

> "Janusz A. Urbanowicz" <alex at> writes:
> > ones could be : keyserver, charset, load-extension. Others should be local,
> > per-user only settable.
> Well I think even charset should not be a global option.  On a multi
> user machine (but you won't use gpg anyway on such a machine) there
> might be users from all around the world and only one characterset
> might not be enough then.  I don't know whether different character
> sets are at all possible but this might chnage in the future.

After a second thought: charset should be both global and local - global for
system wide default setting by admin (like for example I set pl_PL locale
for all my users) but this should be overridable on per-user basis (like any
of my users can put his own locale setting in his startup files).

On third thought, GPG could first try to obtain charset from system's
locale, but this should be overridable by global config, then by user's
config, then by commandline option.

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