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Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jun 9 21:28:47 CEST 1999

Hans Viens <vieh01 at> writes:

> Packet Tag 10 is identify to be a Marker Packet.  RFC 2440 is not very 
> clear on how this packet is construct/parse.

It is optional.  PGP >= 5 emits it as first packet so that pgp2 bails
out on such a message.  GnuPG does not care or emit this packet.  I
have suggestet to enhance this packet to reflect the version number of
OpenPGP so that a software knows why the message fails.  We will see
whether we can put it into the next OpenPGP release. 

> I would appreciate your help if you know the Format of this packet (that is 
> not defined in RFC 2440)...

It has just the contents "PGP" in ASCII and a length header saying it
is 3 bytes long.

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