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Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Mon Jun 28 15:20:40 CEST 1999

"John A. Martin" <jam at jamux.com> writes:

>     Werner> Notation Data
>     Werner> Policy URL
> Are there any pointers to, or examples of, good and effective use of
> these facilities?  Do we have a good styles for notations and for
> policy documents?

Not that I know.  This thinks are just in rfc2440 because someone may
need it in the future.  Notation signatures ahve already been in the
old pgp 2 - but I don't know of any use.

One hint:  If you decide to use notaion data, please make sure to have 
names (NAME=VALUE) which won't conflict with any other names.  There
are no rules on how to choose names yet, but I think the scheme used
in the SSH protocols is is applicable:

Use a name and append a domain name over which you have full control.
For example, the GNU projec might choose:

  -N foo at gnu.org="bla bla"

If we ever come to register names we can make clear that names which
are registered will not have an at-sign.

And don't put large amount of data into these notations - view them as
meta data of a signed document.

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