Emacs interface to gpg?

Paul D. Smith pausmith at nortelnetworks.com
Wed Jun 30 15:03:30 CEST 1999

%% Steffen Zahn <zahn at berlin.snafu.de> writes:

  >>>>>> "Paul" == Paul D Smith <pausmith at nortelnetworks.com> writes:
  Paul> I use mailcrypt for dealing with message signing in gpg, but
  Paul> what do people use with Emacs for handling straight
  Paul> encryption/decryption of files?

  sz> To  solve  this problem  for  pgp  I  use jka-compr.el.

Why not crypt++?  It seems to be a little more specifically directed at
encryption than jka-compr.

  sz> This `solution' should probably be restricted to machines over which 
  sz> you have complete control.

Indeed :)

I guess I was hoping someone would have a GPG-specific setup for
crypt++... anyone?  Anyone?

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