gunpg on solaris 2.6

Caskey L. Dickson caskey at
Tue Mar 16 17:34:38 CET 1999

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Werner Koch wrote:

> "Caskey L. Dickson" <caskey at> writes:
> >      New applications are encouraged to use  printf   instead  of
> >      echo .

That's an excerpt from the manpage and the suggestion of Sun, not me.

> But is it available on all systems?  I think
> $ cat /dev/null | gpg ......
> is the easiest solution to provide an empty string.

That's the way I would do it.


P.S.  I was just trying to provide information 'cause I was already
connected to our sun box in another window when I read the message, not
take a position. 

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