GnuPG, error compiling

Werner Koch wk at
Mon May 10 09:35:09 CEST 1999

Dirk Meyer <dirk.meyer at> writes:

> It compiles and runs with:
> configure --disable-asm --disable-dynload

Please have a look at the GNUPG_SYS_SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE macro in and try to fix it.  GNOME should have a working one
(AM_..).  The one which comes with libtools seemed to be broken, so I 
use of copy of it and did one "fix".

> gpg complains there are 20 random bytes missing,
> but I have no hint why, /dev/random works.

Keep hitting on your keyboard.

> Enter pass phrase: Pass phrase is good.  Just a moment....
> Unsupported packet format - you need a newer version of PGP for this file.

It won't work if you have a signed and encryoted message.  This is due
to the ugly message format of pgp which puts the signature in front of
the signed material.  It not easy to work arounf this and I don't like
to use temporary files or other complicated schemes to solve this just
for PGP 2 (Remi once did a pacth but I decided that it is far too

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