0.9.6 compilation errors

Steven Bakker steven at icoe.att.com
Mon May 17 17:46:08 CEST 1999

Dunno if this is known yet, but compiling on Digital Unix:

    OSF1 V4.0D 878 alpha

With the native "cc", gives me lots of errors, which apparently
have to do with the fact that some preprocessor directives have
the hash inserted, so instead of:

	|#ifndef SOMETHING
	|#  include "something.h"


	|#ifndef SOMETHING
	|   #include "something.h"

I agree the latter is nicer and easier to read, but it breaks
compilation on some platforms...  Gcc knows how to handle this,
but I think the (at least older) Sun cc couldn't handle it

Another thing, in utf_to_native():

strgutil.c, line 349-353:

    /* count the extended utf-8 characters */
	110x xxxx
	1110 xxxx
	1111 0xxx

Excuse me?  This would break any compiler.  Again, I noticed with
"cc" because the surrounding "#if 0"/"#endif" lines were

Am I the only one having this problem (i.e. non-gcc/egcs user)?


PS: Werner, some time ago I wrote some patches to use a proxy when
querying a keyserver and you mentioned you couldn't use them without
the ol' GNU disclaimer. I now have an official go-ahead to release them
under the GPL. Do I need to sign something in blood or so? Lemmeknow.

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