0.9.6 compilation errors

Steven Bakker steven at icoe.att.com
Tue May 18 12:10:59 CEST 1999

>>>>> On 18 May 1999, "SB" == SL Baur wrote:

  SLB> I too am having difficulties getting gnupg built on OSF V4.0E (and
  SLB> also BSDI 3.0, see bottom).

  SLB> I have also tried building it with egcs-1.1.1 and that doesn't work
  SLB> either.  Configuring with ./configure yields lines in each Makefile
  SLB> of the form `LIBS = -lc -lz'.  Removing the bogus `-lc' by hand
  SLB> allows gnupg to be linked.

Yeah, I forgot to mention that one.  Why is "-lc" included anyway?  I have 
never seen a C compiler that "forgot" to link against its own libc.  
Moving "-lc" to the end should work as well, I guess.

  SLB> Building with simply `-g' works with the above change, but there are
  SLB> some problems getting through the test suite.  The informational
  SLB> message `Please note that you don't have secure memory' leaks out
  SLB> into some of the output causing two tests, encryptp and armencryptp,
  SLB> to fail.  The only difference being the spurious informational
  SLB> message.  When I edit the gnupg binary with XEmacs and null out that
  SLB> message, those two tests pass.

*cough* _Binary_ edit?  You wanna be careful with that.  I recall crashing 
Solaris 2.4 (okay so it was a looong time ago) with a patched "man" (I 
wanted it to call "nroff" with -u1, not -u0).


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