0.9.6 compilation errors

Werner Koch wk at isil.d.shuttle.de
Thu May 20 12:30:07 CEST 1999

Steven Bakker <steven at icoe.att.com> writes:

> 	|#ifndef SOMETHING
> 	|#  include "something.h"
> 	|#endif
> There's:
> 	|#ifndef SOMETHING
> 	|   #include "something.h"
> 	|#endif

Maybe indent or a ses script can help here.

> 	110x xxxx
> 	1110 xxxx
> 	1111 0xxx
> Excuse me?  This would break any compiler.  Again, I noticed with

The compiler should not look at this due to #if 0 ..

> PS: Werner, some time ago I wrote some patches to use a proxy when
> querying a keyserver and you mentioned you couldn't use them without
> the ol' GNU disclaimer. I now have an official go-ahead to release them
> under the GPL. Do I need to sign something in blood or so? Lemmeknow.

I'm not sure wheter I shall keep the stuff in gpg.  I think Marco
suggested to move it to another program - which makes sense for me. 

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