Question :o)

Hans Viens vieh01 at
Fri May 28 10:02:11 CEST 1999


I'll present you my problem... then I'll ask my question! :o)

I have to implement a cryptosystem for commercial use and, of course, I
would like to use algorithms that are free (if possible).  This
cryptosystem MUST be PGP-based (I assume that it must be conform to RFC
2440 - OpenPGP .. Am I right ?)

My cryptosystem must exchange data with a public key/private key and sign
massages. That's all.  I don't have to manage many users... just use public
key/private key and sign massages.

My question is: what algorithm should I use ???

Is Elgamal compatible with PGP??? If yes, how should I use it ?  It's my
biggest problem cause I can sign with SHA-1 and MD5 hash algorithms without

Is there another assymetric (other then RSA) algo that is compatible with
PGP ???

I'll really appreciate if you can guide me with you knowledge or with a
document.... or anything...

Well, hope to hear from you soon....



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